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Here are some interesting Hansoti Kaihvats 

  • Bugal Mein Chokra Ne Gao Mein Dindora
    (When you try looking for something and its right THERE!)
  • Gheew Ki Roti Pur Kalaa Newta
    (A fair skinned girl and a dark complexioned guy or vice-versa)
  • Mulji Kuwara Dosey Ku Baldi
    (Young unmarried guy and old man wants to get married)
  • Dosi Mari Ni Pori Avi
    (Someone leaving the family, someone coming)
  • Ghar Ghar Mitti Ka Chula
    (Every house has its own problems)
  • Sakri Gali Mein Mummad Ali
    (Trying to go where space is limited)
  • Koli Marey Ne Katchiye Ko Dum
    (Someone getting punished for someone else's fault)
  • Sui Ni Mawey Thuh Musla
    (Trying to fit in where there is no space)
  • Gao Mein Bharareka Hukam Ni Ne Patlar Ku Ke, Ke Pari De
    (Having no power in an household and ordering people around)
  • Bhunjiye Ghar Mein Dosa Laar Ka
    (An household where there are no children and old man is adored)
  • Akal Bari Ke Bhains
    (Someone who asks stupid questions)
  • Peer Ki Pir Ki Bande Ku Murid Ki
    (Everyone cares about themselves)
  • Rotay Kyo, Mera Tho Moj Aisa Hai
    (For someone who's always whining)
  • Rota Gaya Ne Muele Ki Khabar Laya
    (Doing something unwillingly and coming back with nothing)
  • Mein Ni Bolu Tho Meri Mangri Ni Hoye
    (Someone who always has to make comments)
  • Hethey Bawa Do Do Papayy
    (Someone whos dumbfounded)
  • Eik Haath Se Tali Ni Parti
    (Takes two to tango!! )
  • Soni Bi Rasi Sunnah Bi Rasi
    (If one does at bad job everything gets messed up)
  • Bahu Ku Ke Sasu Ku Surareka
    (Indirectly putting down someone)
  • Bawa Bawa Nagare Kahan Bajaoo Tau Bawa Bola Mere Ser Per                             
    (When one does not get attention he starts to make more noise)
  • Miyabhai murgi palle nai parsi baide khai
    (One does work and others sit and eat on his money)
  • Niwraa baithaa nahkhod waalen
    (A workless person  spoils everything)
  • Jaat bigar ki yaatra khhoti
    It's useless expecting a job to be done without personally attending to it.)
  • Khhud ko samhaalna ne dusro ko dosh ni deraa
    (protect yourself and don't blame anyone else)
  • haanthi phire gaanv gaanv ... jis ka haanthi us ka naam
  • Kani kaj me ne Andhi vepar me
    (Wrong people doing wrong job)

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