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HANSOT is a beautiful village on the left bank of the Narmada river in Bharuch district in the state of Gujarat, India.

It is located around 20 km from where the Narmada river merges with the Arabian sea. It is the largest village between Surat and Ankleshwar. It is the headquarters of the Hansot Taluka consisting of 52 villages.

Farming is the main occupation with a large number of people migrating to find jobs. Hansot is located around 20 kms away from Ankleshwar (Ankleshwar is Asia's largest industrial estate, and one of 190 industrial complexes in Gujarat's "Golden Corridor." The Golden Corridor, so called because of the money brought by rapid development, is an industrial belt running from Vapi at the southern end of Gujarat to Mahesana, about 270 miles to the North). Hansot is around 50 kms away from Surat city.

Although not that well known on an international level, it is the home of people known as Hansotis. Hansoti people are found today all around the world. Although a small village, almost every house has at least one member who resides and earns his living outside Hansot.

The purpose of this site is to unite Hansotis of all generations around the world and help them keep in touch with each other and Hansot.


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